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Description The tumor suppressor protein p53 is encoded by the TP53 gene, one of the most researched genes in human cancer. Genetic mutations in TP53 can impact gene expression of p53 and its downstream targets, and TP53 mutations are present in more than 50% of all types of human cancers. With input from Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale and her lab at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Institute for Cancer Research, the Ion AmpliSeq™ TP53 Panel was designed and verified to analyze all coding exons of TP53 with 24 amplicons, enabling the advancement of cancer research in early detection, prevention, and therapy. **Note that for the Ion AmpliSeq TP53 Panel, your order will contain only 750 pre-pooled reactions in tubes, no primer plates will be included in your order.
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  • 2 (20 ng)
  • Pools (Input DNA) Multiple Pools
  • Pool1: 12 amplicons | Pool2: 12 amplicons
  • 1.28 kb
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