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Ion AmpliSeq™ Pharmacogenomics Panel is a single pool of primers used to perform multiplex PCR for preparation of amplicons libraries from genomic “hot spot” regions that play critical role in DME genes.The panel is a part of sample to answer workflow designed for a next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific, to interrogate SNP, indels and copy number variations (CNV) in the DME genes. The panel focuses on 136 well documented SNP and indel variants and captures CYP2D6 copy number variations at both the gene level and for exon 9 rearrangement enabling the screening of broad selection of haplotypes including *36. In addition, Ion AmpliSeq™ Pharmacogenomics Research Panel includes 9 specially designed primer pairs for sample Identification. This panel provides the following benefits: A targeted ready-to use panel with high value pharmacogenomics content Panel customization flexibility to create a ‘design of choice’ Genotyping and copy number assay in a single workflow for fastest turnaround time Exceptional performance on buccal swab samples with minimal sample input of only 10ng High coverage and unbiased amplification offering outstanding accuracy, minimizing a need for sample reruns Ready-to-use automation scripts availability for sequence-ready library construction Sample multiplexing flexibility to run 8 or up to 96 samples in a single batch Straightforward data analysis with Integrated analysis software solution Sample mis-identification detection capability for QA and accurate sample reporting. (NOTE: This panel is synthesized at 5X concentration.)

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