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Research to identify specific genetic causes of neurological disorders is important but can be difficult because of pleiotropy, locus heterogeneity and accessibility of gene tests. This panel was developed as a quick, accurate and cost effective method to identify genetic mutations associated with inherited neurological disorders. The panel assesses 751 genes known to harbor mutations affecting the functioning of the brain and nervous system. In addition to targeting all coding regions, an additional 101 non-coding disease-causing loci are targeted, as well as 14 repeat-expansion regions in genes AFF2, AR, ATN1, ATXN7, ATXN8OS, ATXN3, CACNA1A, CSTB, DMPK, HTT, JPH3, PABPN1, PPP2R2B, TBP.

Design Date December 2013 Avg Amplicon Length 254 bp Insert Size 205 bp
Recommended Application Germ line mutation detection Recommended Configuration Sample per Chip: 2 per 318 chip
Average coverage: 165x
Sample Type Genomic DNA, including FFPE (mtDNA also tested)
Design Statistics Number of genes in panel: 751
Average gene coverage: 99.4%
Non-coding hotspots: 107
Observed Performance Uniformity of coverage: 91.9%
% reads on target: 97%
Positive predictive value: 99.9%
Input DNA required 10ng per tube
2 pool
20 ng total
Disease Research Area: Neurological Disorders
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  • 2 (20 ng)
  • Pools (Input DNA) Multiple Pools
  • Pool1: 9045 amplicons | Pool2: 9032 amplicons
  • 3.58 Mb
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