Ion AmpliSeq Designer Video

AmpliSeq On-Demand Panels

  • AmpliSeq On-Demand Panels are now available with even more gene content!
  • AmpliSeq On-Demand offers a novel way for creating custom panels that contain wet-lab tested gene content and are offered in small reaction packs.
  • Designs can be created by entering a specified gene list or by using the unique Disease Research Area tool that allows you to explore gene associations based on disease research categories.

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What's New in AmpliSeq

  • Access to AmpliSeq On-Demand panels
    • Wet-lab tested designs
    • Performance guaranteed
    • Small reaction sizes
  • Ability to search gene associations based on a Disease Research Area database
  • Grid view and IGV Lite viewer integration for AmpliSeq On-Demand panels, with expected uniformity data available

Why Use AmpliSeq

  • Access AmpliSeq On-Demand for custom enabled wet-lab tested designs
  • Easy to use software for the design of highly specific primers
  • Low input amount: 1ng for DNA, 0.5ng for RNA
  • Superior quality, specificity and coverage
  • Supports short (140bp & 175bp), medium (275) and long (375) sized amplicons

Have Questions?

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